dont say 'no' no

I find it becoming extremely difficult to say 'no' to things  offered these days. I have go into such lengthy explanations (sometimes i just lie) and the further i go into them the more i feel i am losing the person opposite me...the expression goes from perplexed to sheer surprise to near anger ! Its exhausting.

It all started probably when i said 'no' to the AC in office. My colleagues thought i was crazy and since it was my very first vehement 'no', i ended up making everybody around want more AC. It was cold war !

'no' to bottled water - We order the special lunch and waiter doesnt understand why we say no to the complimentary bottled water !

waiter: But madam its free. you dont have to pay for it.
me: no, please just get the regular water
waiter: not even one ? you get two for two lunches
me (smiling): 'no'

Well, its easy with the waiter. Its ends there, its probably why i like them more than those that have all the time to wait and ask more questions.

'no' to pay - I started mostly volunteering after quitting my job.

relative/friend: its ok if you dont want to tell us where you work. Just tell us how much you get paid
me: i never asked
relative/friend (seems far off, but i can still see the wide eye look): whaat ? why ? how ? and so on

Its never ends, they dont understand and i am still trying to find the shortest best possible answer to give before they are out of sight.

This is the biggest 'no' and has been the worst so far

'no' to milk and milk products - sometimes to avoid the furore, i just eat whats offered or i lie.
(mid questioning session)

majority: so no sweets at all ?
me (by now, i am all embarrassed...almost guilty): no. not outside., not those with milk.
majority: calcium ?
me: i dont really care about that. dont feel that i am losing it, i even got two wisdom teeth recently....if thats proof to anything.

And i'll let you know if i turn into a reptile. In a city i could only safely turn into a lizard and every time i see you drink milk or do any 'no'...i'll go "tch" "tch" "tch" !! My turn ! :)

but many more 'no's before that.

Finally, i think people should be bothered about those who want everything rather than those who dont want most of the things and are happy not wanting. I do not want ! No thanks.


No to milk should be easy i thought :-) Give the scientific explanation to enlighten which is also a good enough a proof for your wisdom tooth existence. Ask for Soy Milk or Almond milk or Rice Milk which doesn't have the mammal's ingredient at all and no questions asked. I just ask for Green Tea though

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