the lives of others - movie

Where does one find a person that doesnt want to be found ? where does one find a truly selfish person who takes so much joy in doing something that he seeks no acknowledgement in return. 'the lives of others' finds such people and narrates his (HGW XX/7) experience like as if he really did exist.

The subtlety with which the fact that sometimes strangers could mean more to you than love/blood relations, is presented, leaves you with a warm feeling. An almost grey setting, the antagonist whose effortless indifference leaves you helpless (exactly how you'd feel everyday in a very loud neighbourhood filled with deaf people), a justified wrong and everything that says 'life' as it is.

The last part of the movie with some action seems like you might have fast forwarded it. The movie takes you to a perfect end.

It reminded me of yet another beautiful movie 'The Reader'.


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