curiosity and patience

how do investigators manage it ? its hard to be curious and patient at the same time, infact i would find it impossible to sit around and watch a person read a book while i am waiting for him/her to pull out a gun and shoot the neighbour !

Even cats that have a reputation for being curious get a good look at the rat they are going to kill (i am sure they quickly make notes of everything about the rat - height, weight, colour, teeth) and once their curiosity is quenched they go and sit by the hole that the rat disappeared into and wait for it come out. They mostly doze off waiting...although people mistake them to be meditating. Well, thats exactly what should happen...if you are patient then you get bored and go to sleep. If you are curious then you'd better know whatever is going to happen - right then...right there. Thats what curiosity is all about., its time dependent.

Being curious, i thought i would make a good investigator. Of course you got to ask the right questions but to whom, when and where ? If all the three have gone for a stroll  and expect you to wait for them to get back and they do nothing when they are back.....then i might as well join in or leave it to my imagination.


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