clutter free

It was the year end stock clearance at home. 12 bags of unused stuff.

I decided to give away anything that i hadnt worn in the last year irrespective of whether they were old or new and it turned out to be two bags of clothes (sarees included) all of which went to Abalaashrama

I have a beautiful locally made kauna (golden-green) straw mat and ever since i havent used the mattress, so gave it away too.

A whole lot of books except for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hector Henry Munro, Lord of the Rings, Malgudi Days and a few others, the rest are now at IIWC (Indian Institute of World Culture) for all to read

Our food processor and two jute bags of steel utensils went to a nearby steel utensils seller.

The below collected over a period of nearly five years:

single sided sheets that we had collected from our offices, leaflets from campaigns etc went into making 6 spiral bound books.

paper waste and recyclable plastic waste (ensured we bought only products that were packaged in recyclable plastics - non coloured, thick single layer plastics) went to the ragpickers. The plastics had been routinely cleaned, dried and nicely stack rolled and thats how we handed them over to the ragpickers who do such a great job of keeping our streets as clean as they possibly can.

E waste and our old computer in good working condition for reuse - Saahas.


we felt light and being clutter free is sure 'happiness' ! plan to keep it that more shopping for space occupiers.


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