this happened a few years back. we were returning from an overnight music festival and my friend was showing off a doll (called 'kuski' - some cultural significance to it) that she had picked up at one of the stalls. Its was crude and arty.

The guys thought it was perfect coz it was all boobs and no head. The head wasnt really visible - to me it looked like as if her head was bent backwards and with her hands spread out she was taking in the sky, thus inspired :

while i try to get the biggest chunk of the sky
looking at the world upside down

for those who know me, they smile and love
and for those who dont, i am the headless odd
its easy for me to somersault and prove them wrong

but i wudnt let go of my sky and the my world
for those who dont belong

i am kuski, i saw me in a nobody's hands
her spirit caught me and am now ready to sing in bands !


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