the plastic pregnant childless hormonised cow

"The plastic cow - Screening and discussion"

The narration is commendable - it puts forth some hard hitting facts in a very as-a-matter-of-fact tone., it isnt jarring that makes obvious the effort to provoke the audience. The movie itself and the images (although we do see it everyday and around us) are provocative.

The discussion became slightly confused between the plastic problem by itself and animal rights anyways! Well., for the animal rights to be covered completely we need more topics like :

1) "the eternally pregnant cow" [Caption: Get your hands out of my vagina]
2) "the hormon-ised cow"
3) "the slowest starvation to death"
4) "missing calves"

As an apathetic society we only seem to understand two languages 'money' and 'power'. For animals can speak neither especially the ones caught amidst man's daily routine, the suffering too is routine. Being 'holy' and 'man's best friend', they are paying a huge price. While dogs are becoming 'soft targets' for the garbage issue, 1 death per year....who is to say what the kid that got bitten did to the dog (what about the thousands of deaths caused by traffic in the city ? are we to ban the least look at reducing their usage ? No, we only want more). I have seen kids torturing animals while parents watch dazedly and say nothing or joke about it thus encouraging the act - we are breeding crime here.

Even in yesterday's discussion the dog was brought into focus., the tone was to the effect of exterminating them rather than have them forage on the roads and ill-treated by people. The latter is partly true, with 60% of the garbage being food waste....their scavenging does meet their dietary requirements to some extent. Although their lives are miserable, it couldnt be worse than those of the breed dogs that people have only as a status symbol - otherwise the breeds have no freedom....the strays enjoy more freedom and for animals freedom is far more important than anything else...its their spirit (from what little i know about them)...its their heart thats life. I think this is point is brought forth nicely in another article "Let independent dogs be"

But there was no explicit approval of cow slaughter ? While this is a trail of cruelty again., its probably over in a few days. The cows in our cities are dying daily deaths. Thats no life....thats just reflective of a sick society.

And also there was talk about over production of milk versus malnourished human-children : what about the starving malnourished calves who are the rightful benefactors of that milk ? Are we going to now hide behind our children to shoot the cows ?

We are a sick society of human population that claims intelligence but does not understand pain and suffering. Its beyond me to understand how people get past the 'plastic pregnant cow', the chickens in battery cages and stone a stray as they are walking their pure breeds.


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