Trespassers will be bitten

I have tried my best, i have carefully passed it on down my generations and will never give up hope.

I befriended him and understand most things he says., i help him and am his best friend.

Nearly 4.1 million years ago, the jolt with which his space ship made contact with earth created a void - on earth's surface and in his mind. A void of the past, the alien looked back and screamed, the remnants of his ship bore no resemblance to the non-existant image of the it in the void.

He looked up to see giant creatures casting shadows of fear in him, he watched them carefully - how they glided and before that how they took off and their landing. He quickly ran up to the nearest rock, with utmost precision he imitated the giant bird - the posture perfect ! Confusion and desperation had taken over logic and fear, mind and body! he fell forwards awkwardly into a thick musty pile of rotting brownish green leaves, and almost as if the ground beneath him took to air - thousands of butterflies fluttered up in unison, giving his failure the dramatic beginning and an uncalled for climax right at the beginning of no where.

He shut his eyes hard and tried to think - it was hard, unknown voices, unfamiliar cries and strange smells forced his only reliable sense - sense of sight, his eyes wide open. It was now the turn of the the driving force, the alma mater to turn around 'coz it was his show time. Darkness and along with it the blinding noise of croaks and the (giant hairy - unseen) cicadas, chilly winds from all directions like strict moms chasing its kids back home with sharp cold spanks. He looked around for shelter, he thought he knew what home felt like - the darkest patch in the darkness was the only thing visible. He ran for it ! For once, when warmth touched his skin, he felt his body where the mind had taken over, he felt exhaustion and a sharp pain in his head - he fell asleep.

He woke up, only to find himself in a new land again ! It was bright and sunny and the day lending out a hand to venture out with him. He stood within his home, just at the corner of the entrance and suddenly a happier idea popped up in his head (now the void and the pain disappearing slowly leaving behind imprints in his sub conscious) - he wanted to check out his home. And surprisingly the first thought that came to him was 'how big is it?'. He sneaked around, it was fairly small - he could walk about 10m and then take a left into another 10m stretch. All along, the ground felt the same as the walls. Now the curiosity about the bigger other outside world took over and literally ran outside and something orange ran in ! The two stood struck by horror, they eyed each other - our man took to his feet with the orange fox running real fast - the two in the exact opposite directions...

Yet the similarity had to bring them back together, one the weakest of the pack and the other lost ! We stared at each other, i put up the best of my snarl - he backed off a bit but he continued to scan me - tail to toe. Again and he stopped at my tail, i dint like it and i snarled baring my gums and all set to dig., suddenly i caught the glint in his eyes, he pounced and caught my tail and shook it ( i winced) - he seemed thrilled and shouted 'skaka handus' repeating it and jumping about. I shook my tail hard now, and he was thrilled and prancing about - i thought this worked for me, i controlled him. We soon became good friends, i showed him the forest and secrets hidden within and he learnt how to cook food and hunt differently (cunning). It was evident that he had forgotten more than unnecessary and dint seem to realise that he had infact forgotten something or never made an attempt to, simply coz earth provided him with more than what he could have asked for and nature gave him more than what he had probably ever seen in life. I knew right from the beginning that something was wrong, first of all he did not belong here and wherever he belonged to was much more inferior to earth, i saw no precision or focus or anything complete that was an outcome of his action. He had to be sent back, but it was going to be difficult., considering that he dint understand and he mostly ran away from almost everything. And to this day he runs and i chase !!

"Trespassers will be bitten"


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