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With so much churning out on the technology front, its obvious that all we get to hear is the buzz.
Its almost crazy to want to keep pace with it, but to survive we have to keep track of it. Its information that comes to help most of the times than just knowledge of a particular thing.

Instead of me going into the philosophical aspect of why its important to 'know it all' and have people follow it until i turn around and give that plain surprised look. Lets see 'how' one could do it - say 1) Tech magazines 2) Tech news 3) Tech gurus ? well, how about 'Problems & knowledge sharing'

Those are two important things that'll help bridge the information gap. You should have a uncanny knack to find problems (or create it ?! :)). And the interest level to dig deeper. [This may come naturally to testers !]

Sharing your ideas and knowledge will help you assess where you stand as a 'creative' person. Different people have different ways of solving a particular problem - this will help you learn a lot, opening up areas unexplored. This is a good way to get a lot of information and still have them revolve around your problem of interest ! If you asked me, 'Open-source' is the way to go.

To make this reading a little interesting lets add a flow-chart !

This is a debatable topic: Open-sourcing ideas is great unless the idea is a life-saving science (Again depends on whose life !) i guess its always worth discussing it..

*Disclaimer - The opinions expressed in this could be anybody's.


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