Its nice when you have the complete control of yourself inspite of actually virtually being amidst a lot of other people. 'They dont see you, they dont hear you and they cant point at you - you..YOU there wake up !'

The virtuality of conf calls gives your creative mind a plunge., while you are also supposedly working at the same time. 'What does a conf call look like ?' -

Our weekly conf calls - On mute, 10 on this side and on the other side - 10.

The other side -

One guy sitting on a plush leather couch - really close to the phone, an eternal frown on his face.
ONce in a while a voice from a distant point. Join the dots you can kill some time - meetings aren't boring really.
Sometimes when the voices are coming too fast and in all directions - you'll only end up with a complicated web, and sure you know you are in a trap ...!

The conf calls i attend late in the evenings -

This is a perfect classroom setting, with the teacher coming in on a hoprod. His voice bouncing in and out and in all directions.

Each one of us like good students would start off by raising our hands and 'Er..Jim' and then go on with our questions or suggestions.

This is an interesting meeting again, sometimes it would seem like we are one big atom a non-stationary nucleus surrounded by very excited electrons !

Well, for those of you who complain about conf calls, maybe you are actually complaining about video conf calls ?!


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