i am not sure what happens after the opposites attract but as a physical, chemical, biological (still dont agree with maths...so leaving that out) - the principle of “similarities coming together and sticking around for good” holds. Everybody belongs to an era and all the more if you are born in the middle of one, you have no other option but to belong to it or struggle to start a new one. When there are just too many of us it makes most sense to form groups., and thats what the era i belong to is all about - ‘Groups’. And with all the superfast gadgets and machines around everybody seems to be in a hurry to get to where everybody else is ! 

Compensatory speed : It has happened to me that i decide to take the long walk home and somewhere along the way i start to get bored and then its the anxiety attack, and i almost start running towards home...just wanting to get there real fast to only do nothing anyways. This must be the case with most people who are obsessed with fast machines., its just so easy to get to where everybody is - to fill up your head with all the trash possible than to just do it yourself all alone. 
Yesterday this was what was running in my head and kept me company during the walk home., i now and for sometime now have been thoroughly enjoying walking and seem to have become rather good at finding new things to think about. So “Compensatory speed” is all about ‘slower and lesser you think, the faster machines you want to own’. Like its been repeated so many times in the recent times ‘its the journey that matters and not the destination’ and this holds for everything in life...infact for those smaller precious moments when you get to take a walk. 

Nothing wrong with being that black speck in a large crowd [unless everyone else is bald ! :)]., but in most cases you find yourself there and the next thing you know is the new advertisement that talks about a more sophisticated gadget ! Somehow the baggage only keeps getting bigger and you never seem to be able to unpack !


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