I am beginning to believe that probably the Earth rotating on its axis and its revolutions around the sun is fueled by petrol !

Yesterday while i was looking for information about various products we use in our day-day lives (this is the first topic of Environment Education at Shishu Mandir for high school kids), i came across this "http://storyofstuff.org/cosmetics/" - very interesting and packed with just what i was looking for...woohoov ! But not all was agreeable : We have enough science and laboratories to tell us whats toxic and whats not and the cosmetic industry is huge and most of them boast of extensive laboratories and scientists (in impeccable white coats) leaning over microscopes 24/7 so why give them the 'HUGE' benefit of doubt that the reason we have toxic chemicals our products is because they 'dont know' or simply that they are blindly following what was created in the 80s ? Can that be true ?

From how i have understood the workings of the industries and large businesses, the reason behind the callousness is calculated and intentional (certainly not to harm you but only to make more profit for themselves). Most of the raw materials used in cosmetics (and most synthesized products) come from the petroleum industry, a lot of by products go in as our cosmetics after heavy processing. So, much of the raw materials is something thats thrown away by the petrol industry and grabbed by the cosmetic biggies. Now., they save and use the money wisely - for better things like promising you much better products !

To prove the above and not so easily give the science experts the benefit of doubt, i had to look further :

The first treasure "http://nzic.org.nz/ChemProcesses/detergents/11B.pdf" - check out the "Raw material sources"

[I am going to dig in more (voila !! and i hit a oil well....well ?! ;)) and make a hierarchical 'seep down or a shake hand' chart of industries]

And when i found some time (to search), i found some tide :
"Therefore, why use products with such strong "side effects?" The second - and major reason - is profit. Remember that these solvents are by-products of the oil and gas industries. In fact, Standard Oil (Rockefeller) sponsored some of the early research articles which concluded that isopropyl alcohol is a safe additive in cosmetics and medicines. So it's quite a financial coup for these major oil companies to make an additional profit on their waste products after refining their petroleum. How would you like to be paid for your garbage?"


Here's it in short : "Everyday petrol" and in length "Everyday toxins"

I told you so.. ! You can even smell it "Petroleum in perfume"

Its impossible to make any product that needs to travel thousands of miles and to stay good for few years to be all natural ! simple logical fact. They have to have a base of some synthesized chemical so they last long...long enough until they pound it into our heads that we dont look good enough without using their product.

And if you dont believe any of the relationship between beauty and crude oil., at least we see it for sure - that the most attractive part of these products is petroleum based (the packaging and the dyes used for the same) !!

If our governments are largely controlled by the Oil industry then our lifestyles (cars ?!) and ofcourse our opinions about whats beautiful and ugly is only a matter of a few hours of TV watching.


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