Its only those crazy 'out of your way' things that make great experiences !

I came across this 'walk-in' interview ad on our MoEF websites calling for 'Field Technical Assistants' and for me this was a hope - an adventurous, crazy kind of optimism to be out there amidst the wilderness, arm twisting politics and corruption and a strong will to stand up against anything. Just the sheer joy of being in the middle of a lot of action got me all geared up for the next day's interview.

Just as expected there wasnt anybody else contesting against a bullish me ! it was pitiable that there was no one interested in our forests...only me, the engineering grad hoping to be given an opportunity to field with 'Strictly BSc only'.

I was touched by the simplicity of the MoEF office and its people, there were a few men and women walking past hurriedly after lunch (i was there at 2pm). The first one - the male receptionist, as he was arranging papers and trying to understand what i was doing there, he had this mocking grin on his face who seemed to want to blurt out 'you are a misfit for the job', one man hurrying past said - 'foget it you cant do'll have to be on field, you can't...aagalla bidri !' i sternly replied i have done it before and want to do it, he simply nodded and walked away talking to himself. The lady who had gone to inform the interviewer that i am an engg., grad and definitely that 'i am a GIRL !!' came back with another question and i brightened up 'hmm..probably (i thought)', she asked 'what engg madam' and she went away for a while.
Another very sober looking man (sober man) asked me the same question 'can you work for three months on the field ?', the receptionist added 'three months of travel' and then 'six months of reporting' again with that grin !! a lady passing by asked 'studentaa ?' and another man 'interview ??!!! :O'.

The lady comes back from a long discussion with her boss and says 'sorry' 'Bsc forestry' only ! and she added almost in whispers 'as a woman i am advising you, please - you dont want to take this up! you'll have to work with ten monkeys out there, you cant deal with it', anyways it was all over with 'Bsc forestry only' - my realisations have come so late ! i offered to volunteer which was rejected stating practicality reasons.
the sober man watching seems to have acknowledged my desperation for the job, with a whisk pulled out his wallet and tried to hand me a card of his brother's who finds jobs for engineers in private companies, i was touched but very rudely told him 'i have job' and 'its purely out of interest that iwas there', i walked down eight floors of Kendriya Sadan, feeling sad for the state of forests in our country, disappointed about the government and exhilarated about my experience out there., it was well worth it and might land up in their office yet again !


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