Now Sundays are meant to be sane 'coz you sleep most of the day or at the most its an insane 'eating day' !

Well, it did start off with eating after an hour long walk to K R park and them to my mom's for breakfast. And after that, the sanity of Sunday disappeared ! and by choice ...

I was to be one of the stronger links in the human chain to be formed at Agara - against Privatisation of Lakes, well thats my favourite topic and i could give discourses on that while you are tied to a chair. In the best of my spirits, i even followed the dress code we were supposed to, to make the chain look as much like a chain as possible, like you are going to be photographed from a helicop about a 500ft above...and whats not human about that ?!

10 40 am, at the bus stop and many empty (inviting) buses pass by - none of them to Agara. I decide not to let go of another empty bus and i take the next bus to silk board., the bus stop turned out to be more of one of my 'Yelanih wish' for the day...i get out of the bus and lo ! i see him and my eyes (enacting Scrat !) are filled with tender green world's best thirst quenchers ?! i would have started off being the hump and the soft hooves but...i spot a bus that probably goes to Agara, all human (and the missing link) i sprint towards the bus and catch it in style !

Not even a minute and Bus whizzes mind screaming stop ! i see the blue and green human links, but the bus stops only after nearly a kilometer, my brains also preoccupied by the 'con'ductor who refused to give me my well deserved ticket (i paid for more than my stop !), i was now fuming at his reluctance to give me the ticket, i note down the bus number and decide to complain against naivety or probably over confidence that was shot down for fun...prank ! BMTC customer care number 12667 does not exist, though painted in bold blue on lots of buses ! the confidence in the
silent tolerant mass that can absorb anything on Earth ! only that it keeps growing in size., is clear and bolder.

Anyways, with so much working on my mind, i think it smart to take an unknown road (well it's by the lake)...i walk and finally i see the crowd i am to be a part of, my final chain event but we are on either side of the lake ! i try and sign lang them to form the chain right across the lake ! :) - that would make it straight to the headlines and i wouldnt even have to all around the lake. But then my sign language failed to attract any attention except for a car with a woman who was thinking much slower than the speed of the car...and she had to tap me on my back and mention just that after we both reached the now scattered chain. I told her i did a Pradakshinam around the lake lake to save it from the evils of was by choice that i walked around the lake !

I was thrilled to see so many sensible and concerned citizens (kids were many) of Bangalore, all there to save the Agara lake from becoming a yet another silly entertainment parks where the 'mass that absorbs' comes to let go ! Now, we have very few people left to do a thesis on such behaviour. It requires some unthinking and de-evolving skills !

Well, done with what i went there for, we did get some media attention and tried our best to drag the attention of the curious onlookers (in two and four wheelers), with painted (by kids) placards jutting out of the strong, cool chain now and then.

Headed back home, stopped for yelanih at silk board again and i think the sight of the lake got me real thirsty, and i sought another one at Jayanagar and reached home tired yet exuberant and all set to make nice hot lunch for myself...


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