as the night thickens

its a beeppeep world
under starry words

stinkle stinkle stars between letters
how i wonder whats that taste
down in the beep peep pit
its a world fulls of beep peep bits

Closed doors are bold and loud and they grow
But they smother 'screams with no subs'
Infinite screams that never started
bounce off of metal
screams that never escape
screams that are swallowed and pooped
screams that are a condensed heavy dot
of a blackened shiny spirit

Human heads swarming
sweat and smell of swarming people
inside walls and walls outside
sitting on twos, standong on twos and walking on twos
upright swarming
smell chemicals smell voices
A dead dog on fours
A dead chicken white, red head
A dead cat tail
A floating fish smell
Footsteps shoes on dead
Death prints
On twos swarming

[Just before i fall....into the night]


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