an urge to say an urge overwhelming
but no words
so many characters so many wonderful forms
no story
the feeling of hunger is complete.
i can feel it fully and feel it growing
i know i should go looking for food
in a few days i can see the hunger too...in my emaciation
its complete, its full, i can bear it and own it coz i know it

an urge to say an urge condensing
no words yet i choke
the characters have changed, the colors?
I dont recognise them
i only know theyve changed colours.
pain is a feeling that is there
a feeling i can hold and play with
feeling ive learnt to tame
but pain i know, its complete
am aware and to react to it

an urge to whisper, to breathe into your ears
but you dont listen
the characters, there is something common
they laugh, they laugh at me?
Have they heard my story ?
But i have no story to tell, not yet
still i know the feeling of being free.
i knew it the day i was born if only for a moment
i’d forget hunger and pain
coz i know how to deal with them
i’d know if i were free
i’d tell you stories and make you laugh if i were free
you wouldnt be stupid and deaf i i were free


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