designs and physics !

i believe nature's designs are perfect making them 100% efficient and optimal. 'Insects' top it for me... i cant stop wondering at the innumerable answers that lie in there, all you need are good questions !

Today i saw bees lying dead on Tilak Main road some dying in a pool of honey they made. For all the work they do for us - pollinating flowers to fruits, veggies etc. This is how we repay, we eat 'their' food too and kill them.

While there are so many other ways to make it (your milk, tea...whatever) sweet., we stoop for the option down below "All of the above" and from there we talk of being above them all !

hoping to get the sting out of them., here's a little something for those magnificently designed life forms, the insects - bees :

in and out of hexes
beyond glass and grey
beyond stone dead
looking for life in colour
turning waits into life fuller
beneath their wings is the fastest wait
what we kill is 'knowledge' forever
its life now and a question always
the workers dance, the queen moves on
our stupidity remains even after we are gone

love b


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