everybody is talking equity...and anything 'harmoniously synchronous' ends with that

Is equity practical or possible at all ? The closest we can get to equity is probably when all natural resources are gone and we'd be eating out of boxes that come without expiry dates. The little that i have understood of nature, there is no equity but certainly there is space and mutual respect : for all 'creatures living' or putting it more thoughtfully (not intellectual but simply the recent thing working in my head) , for all forms of 'energy', though the latter sounds rather cold...hmm, for all the thinking !

If only we could have a conversion of 'mutual respect' into 'law', maybe a scenario of consumerism and a vulgar show-off of wealth in terms of property, malls, cars etc wouldnt exist. Any development these days is about rating yourself...thats it, nothing more to it. So, like any business we have our government (people included) doing all it can to rate itself -

space missions ? why ?
so we see more channels, extraterrestrial explorations - really what is the objective here ? we destroy humungous natural resources/ energy on our planet only to look for something we are not even sure exists., space missions could be the biggest joke ever played on the most basic human mindset 'confuse if you cant convince' - the whole international economic deal with regards to space missions is so complex and contrived that we cant help but wonder and unfortunately in most cases we wonder in amazement of the whole business deal, thanks to the innocent middle men who are the scientists !

Back to earth - hosting common wealth games or olympics that last a few days. And this again means such colossal suck of our precious resources. And somehow nobody talks about all that is lost vs the few medals that we stand to gain. The least that hits the media is the corruption...if someone has made money, how is it any different from the event that has left our forests barren - so many livelihoods lost. Corruption is only
a perspective, nothing absolutely right or wrong about it. Abhinav Bindra gets a crore, another filthy car and gets caught and freed trying to grab more farm land ! shame

A new government - all it does is widen roads and this really means destroying the humble roadside businesses (please...whats compensation ?!), making way for more traffic and all that would follow thus making a statement for the rich. In my very city, building Metro to ease out traffic ? Laying metro - we lose greenary, space, steel, more energy and the most mis/understood terminology 'tax-payers money', running metro in a city thats already facing power shortages..well some dam some where (do we understand a dam in terms of energy and lives ?! [alright for the sake of clarity shall call out 'energy' and 'lives' as two different forms of..well..er !] ). While easing out traffic as a permanent solution to traffic would come with laws that would curb vehicle registration and use of private vehicles. BMTC in Bangalore is doing a great job - make way for buses, afterall buses would carry more people and occupy that much lesser space on roads ! so no need to widen roads if everybody used buses. The metro in the present (incomplete) stage will only criss cross the city and when complete - will be able carry only a very (reluctant to walk upto to the nearest metro station) small percentage of bangalore's population. In a city where cycling is catching up great, why not
provide cycling tracks ?! cheaper and a much better solution to a fit and young population

Our current model of development means : eat till you grow fat and tetrapack what you cannot eat right away, buy till you got all that you dont really need but everybody globally thinks that you do, listen to the 'who' and not the 'what'...


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