Goobe Mari

Contentment is beautiful in itself but when it shines bright through the big-coal eyes of a owlet, as it slowly gracefully turns its head to look into your eyes, blinks a few times and tucks itself further into the cozys of the hollowed tree branch...well, you just want to cry.

[The owlet that made my day this morning at Lalbagh. It also did leave a few others rather confused as to whether an early morning sighting of a 'goobe' isnt the harbinger of bad...some consoled themselves that 'owlet' is good omen while 'goobe' means bad, so most people paid him respects and left in a hurry before the 'owlet' changed its mind about good and bad ! ]

shiny coal eyes browed white
mystical little owlet grey and white
carrying with it the stillness,
in the slow turn of his head
in its restful blinks it transcends your being
such contentment and peace,

such ease that leaves you shaken  


gayathri said…
what perspectives she has...she savors the richness of life, that deep lover that she is...revel in it dear beautifull...

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