From our terrace garden and more..
as the breeze makes its way through the sticks
they beat against the wind, a random rhythm
they are not loud and thats the trick
the drum drum drum drum-stick

not fat and fleshy, they are long and thin
the fuzyy haired caterpillars are their kith and kin
dare to eat them, somebody did
on fire and they waft through your senses
making your tummy go brum grum
the drum drum drum drum-stick

the wild one, that sticks above the rest
the crawlies turn into light kisses
the sun bird whispers secrets about the sun
i pulled it down and on fire
they waft through time, bringing back the timeless
the wild drum drum drum drum-stick


the scream burst in my head
and fear took over
tryng desperately crawlng towards life
they moved only an inch
as i stood stunned in dread

good looks are a perception
the ugly only a matter of chance
they stood none as i squashed them 'phut'
now everywhere, quashy and 'phut'
in every food thought

had to break the presumption
the net and the virtual connect
they were all over again, hiding beneath skin & sly
and hey! its the common horse botfly

they turn into furry bumble-bee-like
they knew they wouldnt harm the human-like
i looked closely at them, they only moved fast
they knew me better than the relationship to last
its the time again that ive raced against
i am probably too old to like them
but a little more patient, i lie
waiting for them to take to wings and fly


you could pretend to turn around in awe
And you've most likely spotted the spore
they land when its great weather
and turn into the moving giant amoeba

blocking the daylight
its the death hug
they swallow the half dead
they come in hues yellow, pink, red

a solid mass of many lives
and surprise ! yes, they move
in search, several feet a day
reaching the peak, wind takes them away

science puts them in between
but you watch out for the mysteries unfold
they are the clustered 'slime mold'


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