Today i saw why a rain tree is called a Rain tree.

Its shine, warmth, heat and yelanih everywhere, with the summer setting in everything around (at the eye level its black and polluted everywhere..but) - look up through the trees and the bright yellow is seeping in like as if the sun's ray is trapped in those leaves, a slight breeze and they come spiralling down in slow motion. This morning i got to watch this at its dramatic best, for two full minutes.

As usual i stood by the naala (runs by my office) staring into the wild greenery that's alongside the naala with huge rain trees clothed in creepers. A soft breeze and thousands of yellow, cheery little leaves sparkling on their sunny side accentuated by the thick green backdrop, started drifting down, they seemed to change time - it slowed down ! A slow rain; reluctant to touch the earth, rain that'll continue all summer... beneath the rain tree you'll feel the season changes from hot to cool to rains ! the rain tree rains all summer....

The huge, humble Rain Tree
like a big motionless bear ready to be hugged
Bright yellow sun kisses its leaves
the stealthy breeze knocks them down
its rain under every rain tree in town
the yellow little leaves clumsily spiral down
its rain under every rain tree in town
they sparkle as they turn around
its rain under every rain tree in town
every leaf is a random second and time just slows down
its rain under every rain tree in town
hide from the heat and seek out the rain tree
open your mind, let the breeze in - you'll find love and its the tree !
the rain tree rains all summer and lo! its called the Rain Tree


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